Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Employee Spotlight- Joy Loveless

Posted By: Marsha Bills

Joy Loveless’ Life Is Filled With
Love at Work and at Home

Joy Loveless, a deputy clerk in the District Clerk’s East Dallas passports and marriage license office, has processed thousands of applications for passports during her 15 years of service, but she enjoys issuing marriage licenses most.

“I love seeing people so happy,” says Joy, whose last name is ironic. “Even though some of the men look nervous, the women always show their happiness, and that gives me pleasure to be surrounded by love.”

Over the years, Joy has had some memorable moments issuing licenses. The most notable couple she’s assisted included a groom named Georgia and a bride named George. “I kept getting the licenses confused,” admits Joy.

She has also processed passport applications for several famous Dallas residents, including Robert Leavell, the officer handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected assassin of President John F. Kennedy, at the moment Jack Ruby shot Oswald in a moment captured on both live television and in photographs seen world-wide.

Born in Ferris, Texas, Joy moved to Dallas with her family when she was 10, attending Adamson High School. Over her married life, she combined raising four children with jobs first at Southwestern Bell and later at Texas Instruments.

Wanting a change, Joy saw a notice of an opening for a part-time clerk in the East Dallas Government Center where she was getting her car title changed. She started working part-time and gradually over 15 years, finally became full-time last August.

Away from work, Joy spends time with her husband, their 5 children, 13 grand children, and 3 great grand children, two of whom are currently living in her home. “I have always adored children,” says Joy, who hosts all the family holidays and celebrations.

She also enjoyed teaching children in Sunday School classes for 25 years at Pleasant Grove Baptist and later at Casa View Baptist.


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